Feilding Electrical Work

Fortunately for the average homeowner, commercial property owner and farmer and Fielding there is a good array of electricians to choose from when electrical work is required. The easiest way for anyone to find the most appropriate electrician for their work is to use the Google search term electrician Feilding.

Fixing the wiring in a smoke alarm

The local electricians can carry out any work including pre-wiring a new home, replacing the wiring or switch points on an existing home, maintenance and upgrade to the electrical wiring in commercial premises and anything to do with the heavy machinery that is found in many commercial operators and on farms.

In some cases the work may require specialist skills, particularly when are high voltages our present, and the electrician for the job will need to be able to demonstrate that they have passed and skills examinations and have the requisite experience to be able to carry out the work safely. Often in these cases the specialist skills are not available locally and the business owner or farmer will need to approach somebody in a much larger Centre where this type of work is much less uncommon.

However as far as farm machinery is concerned, there are definitely specialist electricians in Feilding that will be able to virtually all the work necessary, simply because Feilding was surrounded by so many farms.

In most cases the electrical work required is of a general nature, and the electrical company that is doing the work may be able to put their apprentice onto the job. Such work will include running new cables into an exposed frame building, or connecting up simple light switches or light fittings once the cladding is complete and the plastering and painting. The fully qualified and experienced and certified electrician will be required to do all the final work and to check and sign off the quality of the work if the apprentice did, but even in this situation the apprentice could carry out most of the work.

Work for residential properties can be somewhat frustrating for the average skilled electrician, as it can involve such trivial items as replacing electric light bulb or a blown fuse, but the work is generally well paid and for this reason is almost always tolerated by the electrician.

Electricians working in the commercial sector the work can be extremely varied, as they could find themselves working in the same day on air conditioning system, a commercial electrical switchboard, commercial electrical machines including pumps and even robots, then on new building sites for new commercial premises. This work is generally the most interesting of all the various types of electrician work, or they’ll that can cause difficulties during outage emergencies worthy electrician may actually have to leave their young family at home in the evening to come out and see what the problem is.

Technology Transformation Over The Next Three Years


The pace of change of Technology in 2017 is breathtaking. It is difficult to accept that it was only 10 years ago that the iPhone was first introduced, and it was laughed at  by competitors at the time, and yet today the iPhone or it’s equivalent is a vital position of most of the citizens on the planet. Indeed, Tesla has launched a new vehicle there opens I simply detecting that you are close to it with your phone, and the assumption is that everybody who owns one of these vehicles will also have a smartphone.

It is hard to believe, but the pace of technological change is even faster in 2017, driven by the incessant improvement of computer chips which double and power and have an price every two years, and driven by the enormous productivity increase in software development and artificial intelligence, and accelerated further by the networking effect of a fully interconnected planet.

For example it is a safe assumption get any child born in the past 3 years or never get a driver’s licence, because they will never need to be able to drive a car. The reason for this is that autonomous driving technology who is developing so rapidly that it will be introduced and some markets within the next two years, and  will have spread around the world in a tidal wave within the next 10 years. In 10 years time  driverless cars will have proved to be 10 times safer then cars driven by a human, simply because it is a scientific fact that around 92% of all  vehicle accidents are caused by the driver. At this point in 10 years time the insurance industry well have been drastically disrupted to reflect  the massively lower accident rate, and it will be simply too expensive for a young person to get a driver’s licence and drive their own vehicle simply because they will not be able to afford the insurance.

The corollary of this is that any child born in the last 3 years will be able to travel anywhere locally in  an autonomous taxi at a fraction of the cost of buying a taxi ride today or of owning their own vehicle, or even at a fraction of a cost of borrowing their parents vehicle for the truck. The almost Global adoption of the smartphone over 10 years will look like a minor change compared to the change in transport over the next 10 years.

One major impact of this transformation to transport as a service will be the very large cost savings for everybody who need to travel, and the subsequent increase and spending power and efficiency for everybody. Exciting times are ahead.